Access All Areas Training CIC

Access All Areas (CIC) offers information, advice and guidance service located at Phoenix House within Melton Mowbray. We have been serving the community for over six years providing job, career, and welfare support. The team comprises of councillors, educationalists, and career professionals. We provide training, welfare advice, intensive careers guidance and therapeutic development. The company is led by director Mark Frisby, formerly a teacher and assessor in the FE/HE sector. Mark was also the IYP skills and development coordinator for Connexions Leicestershire.

How we can support
Access All Areas offer a range of support services consisting of workshops for personal development, expanding on social skills and team building, this can be great for engaging with others in similar circumstances. Access All Areas provide therapeutic counselling, mentoring and support groups benefiting those with criminal convictions due to helping ex- offenders make sense of their own suffering and to find the next steps for that individual. Proving career's support can be helpful finding the right path to get back into work, this can include CV building and job searching. Training can provide skills and knowledge to make those more employable, this also gives individuals the chance to build their cv and find activities they enjoy.

Telephone- 01664 784 785