Bakers Waste Services Ltd

Company background & what we do

Founded almost 19 years ago in 2002 with just 1 trade waste vehicle and a few bins, Paul and the Bakers family set out to deliver a family, caring approach to waste and recycling. Today, the business is proud to boast just shy of £15million turnover, a fleet of over 60 vehicles and 120 members of staff spread over multiple sites in Leicester, Leicestershire and Northampton.

In 2021, recycling has never been more important and that’s why our vision is to create an environmental legacy for future generations. This is achieved by offering businesses a service portfolio which gives them what they need to increase recycling rates.

Recruitment Practices

Our recruitment processes when it comes to ex-offenders is no different from the processes we use ordinarily. The same degree of diligence is applied to ensure we employ the utmost capable candidate for the job in hand.

Here at Bakers Waste, we have the luxury of such a wide variety of positions throughout the business, for all levels and skill-sets that often it comes down to the person’s attitude to work. We employ mechanics, marketers, yard operators, accountants, professional drivers and more! The opportunities are certainly there, it just comes down to the candidate applying themselves appropriately.

Benefits of Recruiting Ex-Offenders

Having had years of practice doing just this, we can speak honestly and openly about our experiences with recruiting ex-offenders. Firstly, we want to recognise right away that we have been overwhelmed by the overarching positive results both the business and the people we’ve employed have shared.

Therefore, we thoroughly believe in offering ex-offenders a new opportunity into work and encourage other businesses to do the same. As we’ve seen, your business will be gaining a hardworking, appreciative, loyal worker and together you can give back to the local community.

What’s more, is we believe in training and developing all of our members of staff and this of course includes ex-offenders. If anybody shows willing and dedication to their job and to progress then Bakers Waste will actively look for ways to support you by supplying the skills or education you need to progress and develop.

How to Find Bakers Waste Jobs & Careers

You can find our live careers by heading over to our websiteFacebook or Indeed page, where jobs are posted on a regular basis.