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Nursery Unit Leader

Job reference number: MP015

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Job Overview

This role is the first level of the leadership ladder. It involves giving support and direction to the unit team and working closely with the deputy/ manager. It entails overseeing the smooth running of the unit and ensuring that high quality care is being practised at all times.
The Unit Leader is a trained and qualified childcare professional, who specialises in leadership and management.
Job Description:
• Provide, participate and supervise activities (indoor and outside play), that develop each child to his / her fullest potential
• Implement and evaluate the early years foundation stage
• Be responsible for a group of key children and for all of their developmental records
• Attend training sessions, staff meetings and parents’ evenings as required
• Help children to enhance their numeracy and language skills
• Work with your room team and head office team to help the nursery meet its overall goals & objectives, such as helping to promote the nursery to help fill nursery spaces
• Observe children and make notes to write reports
• Assist in the absence of the manager/ deputy / 3rd in charge. This could include, but not limited to, nursery show arounds for prospective parents, opening and closing the premises and office administration
• Make sure children are safe and well
• Communicate and consult with parents, in a professional manner and maintain positive relationships with both parents and other members of the team
& more

• Empathy, understanding & patience
• Great teamwork skills
• Flexibility and open to change
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Strong customer service skills and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
• Ability to actively listen to others as well as read and understand other people’s emotions and reactions
• Basic computer / IT skills

Skills and Qualifications required

one of the below : • Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education and Care - Early Years Educator • T Level in Education and Childcare • Higher education qualification in early years or child development e.g. foundation degrees in early years related subjects or degrees in early childhood studies, early years, child development or related subjects

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