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Young Person Mentor

Job reference number: ZS007

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Inspirations Leicestershire Limited


£12-12.75 per hour plus £65 per sleep-in



Job Overview

A 12-month opportunity to support and learn from our Senior Leaders within our teams with a view towards developing your career and becoming an outstanding Young Person Mentor with a Level 3 in Residential Childcare.

You will work towards the development and delivery of Company standards, projects and initiatives into the Homes to ensure that we create an environment that nurtures the Best Outcomes for the Young Person(s) in our care as well as ensuring overall compliance with all relevant legislative requirements.

As a Young Person Mentor, you will be in a position that requires you to:
- Have a warm, empathic manner that makes each child and young person feel special and loved.
- Willing to give hugs but, recognise when giving space is needed more.
- Be a good listener and curious about what you can learn from young people.
- Understand and be resilient to the fact that young people you have a strong relationship with one week, may then refuse to talk to
or insult you a day later.
- Be able to have a lot of fun in the workplace but, also be prepared to soothe and support overwhelming emotions.
- Ability to read a ten-page personal plan with at least one interruption per page. Although you will likely have more!
- If a child or young person wants to give you a makeover or style your hair, you will be the best model you can be.
- A high level of multitasking is essential. You must be comfortable with cooking dinner whilst entertaining hungry teenagers at the
same time.
- Some knowledge about football, Xbox and Tiktok videos would be helpful but, diverse hobbies and interests are a distinct advantage.

So far it might sound like all fun and games and for a large part it is essentially is! But you will also be required to do the boring bits
which include the paperwork that comes with all looked after young people.

As a company we are striving for the best and we understand that in order to achieve this we
listen to our staff and young people.

Skills and Qualifications required

  • Strong understanding of the barriers and uncertainties young people face
  • Ability to support and engage with young people
  • Be available for night shifts
  • Be able to multi-task
  • Must be 21 or over

Hours per week

30 (roughly)

Closing Date



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