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Adey Steel Ltd


£14.87 ph


Meadow Lane Loughborough LE11 1HL

Job Overview

• Weld together steel components of products using electric arc-welding equipment • Follow fabrication drawings to work order • Weld to specified weld size/contour as marked on layout drawings • Follow company Approved Welding Procedures, management instructions and safe working practices • Prepare and set up welding equipment and tools and ensure work area is kept clean and tidy • Maintain weld equipment, identify any faults with work equipment or materials and inform supervisors • Operate all necessary safety equipment and ensure correct PPE is used at all times • Obtain specified welding wire as per job specification • During welding, maintain length of arc and speed of movement to form specified depth of fusion and bead as judged from colour of metal, sound of weld and size of molten puddle • Weld in flat, horizontal, vertical or overhead positions as per Approved Welding Procedure • Examine weld for bead size and other specifications using a welding gauge • Clean/degrease weld joint or workpiece using wire brush or hand grinder • Remove excess weld, slag and splatter using hand scraper or power chipper • Examine finished products to check whether specifications are met • Where required, pre-heat workpiece using had torch • Where required, position and clamp workpieces together or assemble them in jig or fixture • Where required, tack assemblies together • When required, cut metal plates or structural shapes • Operate other machine shop equipment to prepare components for welding • Amend weld to suit variations in types of metal, subprocesses used, trade name of equipment used, method of application, high production or custom, level of ambidexterity required, types of joint welded

Skills and Qualifications required

Relevant training and qualifications to meet coded welding standards as set out by government agencies, British and international standards and professional and technical associations

Hours per week


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