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Screen Printing Machine Operator.

Creative & Design Jobs

5th Avenue Clothing Ltd


£9.00-£14.00 per hour


27/28 Charter Street, Leicester, LE1 3UD

Job Overview

Screen Printer Responsibilities: • Receiving work order jobs for Screen Printing. • Examining work orders to determine estimated printing times, ink, and material quantities. • Designing screen patterns according to customer specification. • Selecting screen size, degreasing agents and emulsion coatings. • Loading screen into printer. • Installing and repositioning screen printing plates and pressure roles. • Calibrating printer before batch is printed. • Running prints and performing quality checks throughout the printing process. • Troubleshooting problems as they arise. • Drying, folding, and packing completed articles after the run. Screen Printer Requirements: • Excellent hand-eye coordination. • High level of creative and artistic skills. • Ability to work with ink and chemicals every day. • Operate large machinery. • Work alone for long shifts.

Qualifications Required


Hours per week

Full-time, Permanent . Times will be conducted between Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm

Closing Date



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