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Production Operative

Industrial Wiper Co Ltd


Basic salary £22,000


Leicester, LE5 3EB Unit H Vulcan Business Park, Vulcan Road.

Job Overview


  • Sorting and grading the raw materials for wiper production
  • Ensuring a high level of quality control by ensuring the right grade in each pack, and removing unsuitable items, including zips, buttons, and stained items.
  • Cutting the wipers in a consistent way to ensure a consistent specification and customer satisfaction
  • Bagging them in the correct packaging and marking them with the correct product number
  • Keeping accurate production numbers for the production supervisor
  • Ensuring a safe and clean operation for themselves and colleagues
  • Work flexibly to ensure orders are met within customers expectations
  • Highlighting to production supervisor any issues of HSE, Quality and equipment malfunction.

Job Description

Industrial Wiper Company (IWC) Production Operatives set up, operate, and tend machines cutting textiles into cleaning and wiping rags. The role includes sorting and packing recycled textiles, checking to ensure products are clean, free from contaminations and removing additional apparels.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Sorts rags according to types, grades, quality, colour and fabric
  • Inspect the recycled textiles to ensure suitability for wiping rags, by using cutting machines removing zips, buttons and additional apparels. Therefore, producing wiping rags which will not cause scratches or other damage when used to clean, wiping , polishing or as other usages.
  • Loading rags onto conveyors and vacuum machines creating up to 10 kilo packs.
  • Examine cut rags for consistent size and quality as required to spec.
  • On a daily basis, with production supervisor, inspect machinery to determine whether repairs are needed i.e. cutting stones / blades need replacing.
  • Ensure and take responsibility for own and colleagues Health & Safety alerting management of any concerns to include the safe use of electronic or other equipment.
  • Clean all working and factory areas as directed to include canteen, kitchen and toilets.
  • Attend training and study guides, use samples boards, charts, and specification sheets or confer with supervisors or Management staff to determine set-up requirements.
  • Help achieve the companies KPI
  • Undertaking other reasonable tasks and duties as assigned to meet the needs of the company.

Qualifications Required

Identify problems and review related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. Familiarity with modern factory practices and methods Physically fit Manage own time and the time of others. Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences.

Hours per week

No experience required. Various hours available.


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