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Nursery Cook

Job reference number: MP046

Hospitality & Catering Jobs

Sunflowers Nursery


Negotiable based on Experience



Job Overview

Objective - to provide healthy and balanced nutritional diet. To maintain health and safety regulations in the kitchen and follow correct legislation.

1. To provide well balanced meals and snacks meeting cultural needs of children
2. To ensure any specific dietary needs are accommodated, respected and correct information signed and dated with the domestic cook and the room coordinator.
3. To follow food and drink policy and procedures.
4. Undertake all kitchen duties.
5. Set out trolleys for meals.
6. Keep paperwork up to date.
7. Maintain quality of meals.
8. Follow all setting procedures and policies.
9. Participate in environmental checks
10. Join Team meetings.
11. Monitor food and fridge temperatures.
12. Enrol on to further training as required.
13. Ensure Child Protection procedures followed at all times.
14. DBS check will be required

Skills and Qualifications required

1. Intermediate Food Hygiene
2. Previous experience of cooking commercially.

Hours per week

8.30 =4.30pm

Closing Date



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