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Dane View Care Home


Dane View Care Home, Leicester, LE3 6DP

Job Overview

You will be carrying out care interventions for all of our residents. This will include personal care, toileting, assistance with nutritional intake, entertaining, comforting and mobilising residents. The job also includes documenting the care intervention you have carried out and the observations made throughout the day. 

Support and Reporting

You will be supervised and required to report to the senior carers and the Nurse in Charge. The senior carer and Nurse in Charge will also support you within this role.  

Job Role

As a carer, you will be expected to undertake the following:

  • Ensuring outstanding person-centred care is given to every resident & support is given to their family,
  • Ensuring residents are safe and receive the care in put required to maximise their quality of life. You will be required to document the care you have given,
  • Ensuring the residents receive care as per their care plan and their requests,
  • You must report to the senior carer or unit leader regarding concerns about care or the wellbeing of any resident,
  • Assisting the residents to improve the quality of their life. This includes providing entertainment, assisting people outside the home on trips and providing meaningful activities,
  • Ensuring the environment, you operate in and residents live in is safe, secure and homely,
  • Ensuring all care you carry out maintains resident’s dignity and privacy,
  • You should try and build meaningful professional relationships with the residents in the home,
  • You must adhere to the home’s policies and procedures and work diligently towards the home’s goals and adhere to the company’s Statement of Purpose.
  • You will also be expected to work in other units within the home to increase your knowledge and experience of different patient groups.
  • Where a staff shortage occurs you will work together and where necessary move units to assist in care intervention.
  • You will ensure your practice is kept up to date and participate in training the home offers.

This list is not exhaustive however, it provides an overview of the job role. You may be asked to undertake similar tasks or tasks which contribute to the completion of the above duties.

Shift Times:

Long Shifts

08.00-20.15  Days

20.00-08.15  Nights

Early Shift


Late Shift


Hours per week

Shift Times: Long Shifts 08.00-20.15 Days 20.00-08.15 Nights Early Shift 08.00-14.00 Late Shift 14.00-20.15


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