Harborough District Council offices

Harborough business grant

Businesses in the Harborough district are being encouraged to apply for funding to help them take on apprentices.

Grants of up to £750 are being made available by Harborough District Council to encourage apprenticeships and promote what benefits they can offer businesses. This process is now being administered by Leicester Employment Hub.

What is the criteria for the grant?

• The business must be located in Harborough district
• Apprentices must be residents in Harborough district
• Firm must have less than 150 employees
• The business must not have taken on an apprentice in the last two years (there may be flexibility on this dependent on circumstances).

What are the conditions of the grant?

• Payment to be made after 13 weeks
• Value to be no more than £750

Are you eligible?

To verify you are eligible for the grant, our admin team will check your business postcode and that of your apprentice.

I am eligible - how do I apply?

You can use the link on the top of this page to apply for the grant online. Make sure you state that you wish to apply for the Harborough grant.

Contact Harborough District Council

By post: Harborough District Council, Strategic Planning and Housing, Market Harborough, LE16 7AG
By email: business@harborough.gov.uk
By telephone: 01858 821 055