Top tips for Employers from the Exceptionals

1. Identify the reasons as to why this talent pool would be beneficial to your business needs. Are you expanding and have skills shortages? Are you looking to improve the diversity within your organisation? Make your business motivation clear.

2. Think about where and how you want to recruit. Inside prisons or within the community? Be clear on company policy. Our resource pack maps out all the different points of engagement for employers as a useful starting point

3. To keep the recruitment process fair and straightforward, we recommend for employers in Leicester to work with a specialist partner, such as Leicestershire Cares or Offploy, as this fosters the best outcome for both candidate and business needs. We are happy to guide you on this.

For free support on the hiring process or to celebrate your work as example of best practice, please contact The Exceptionals via or connect with us on our socials.