The sky’s the limit for ex-offender Daniel

construction site

Daniel is eager to turn his life around. After gaining his CSCS card with the help of the Wire Project, Daniel was offered a temporary position with a large construction firm, thanks to the Leicester Employment Hub.

Daniel said: “I am grateful to everyone for giving me this chance. I have missed a lot of opportunities but now I want to make a fresh start in life. I am willing to work hard to reach my goals.”

He added: “I would like to obtain a forklift licence and go on a bricklaying course to widen my skillsets, and hopefully secure a permanent job.”

Sandra Rieger who works for the Leicester Employment Hub said: “Getting employment after prison can be tough. The Employment Hub is particularly keen to encourage training and employment opportunities for former offenders and other vulnerable groups.”

“We need to educate employers and challenge negative stereotypes. Our objective is to provide opportunities for those who are keen to work but would otherwise find it difficult to find employment.” Sandra Rieger, Leicester Employment Hub